Wednesday, October 01, 2014

What we want for our children

When talking about our kids, I often sit and listen to parents who lament about colleges, grades, internships, success in sports or extracurricular interests and I always feel a little on the edge of the conversation.  I always feel that I have different ideas of what constitutes success for my kids than a lot of other parents have.  And most of the time I don't verbalize my ideas because they really are not very mainstream.

Today I came across a statement that captures my thinking.  Basically it says,

Don't put so much focus on momentary successes but rather focus on ensuring our children experience genuine love; feel true joy; have peace in their hearts; possess the ability to act with self-control; and treat others with patience, kindness, goodness, and gentleness. 

Grades will soon be a memory, a win on the field will make us feel good for a short time but genuine love, a sense of personal peace and always acting with integrity and goodness will serve you well your whole life.

Friday, September 26, 2014

15th Birthday TNDC

This week we celebrated Grace's 15th birthday at TNDC.  She had talked earlier in the year about having a T-rex themed birthday but more recently had not mentioned any wants for her TNDC birthday.  But her mama remembered and surprised her with a themed birthday celebration.

It was fun to do a theme party --- it has been a long time since we have done one and dinosaurs are so fun!


Are these girls 5 years old???


Will wearing his dinosaur shirt!

T-Rex Mug

Mari got Grace the coolest mug for her birthday.  When it is cold it looks like a t-rex, but when you put something hot in it it turns into a t-rex skeleton.  We will be fighting over who gets to use it everyday!

Tuesday, September 23, 2014


I sent off the paperwork today for Grace's first investment with our financial adviser.  She had $3000 that was sitting in a CD earning next to nothing.  So we talked investment strategies and then I had her talk to Marion, our financial adviser and they came up with a plan.

She divided the money in half and invested it in two different funds.  One is a bit more aggressive than the other and it will allow her to compare the two.

The coolest thing is Marion generated a chart that showed how much money I would have now if I invested $3k in similar funds when I was 14....$122k!

I LOVE that she is thinking about things like this.  I certainly never cared about such things when I was 14.


Happy September 23, 2014!  Bug had the idea that they would all wear their jerseys and make a date!

Sunday, September 21, 2014


The guy in blue in mid-air is my nephew, Sam.  What a beast!

Saturday, September 20, 2014


I couldn't wait to plant in this birdcage!  Love the way it looks!  My girlfriend, Andee, is the proud owner of it.  She earned it for being my car rental agency when all my vehicles are broken down!  Thanks friend!

Happy 15th Birthday to Grace

We have been searching and searching for a surf board for Grace for her birthday.  We have checked surf shops in Pacifica and scoured craigslist with no success.  Yesterday I called a couple board shops in Santa Cruz and got a lead on one that sounded promising.

So today we went over the hill and started hitting all the board shops and a couple Goodwill shops.  Our 7th stop was the shop that had the board that I had heard about yesterday.  We walked it, asked about it and took a really close look.  It is a great board that needs a quick, easy repair and will be good to go.  The stuff to do the repair costs $5 and Jim and Grace will be able to do it with ease.

We got the board, a bag, a leash, 3 things of wax and a fin key for $489!  The other boards we have been looking at were $500 to $600 without all the extra stuff we got.  We are thrilled!

A guy walked into the store right after we started looking at the board and he sat around waiting for us to make a decision because if we didn't buy it, he was going to!  We got lucky we showed up when we did....we almost missed it!

Happy birthday Grace (next week)! 

Licorice Update

I got a report on how Licorice is doing in training.  Everything looks good except that her prey drive is noted as "high" just like her puppy trainer feared.

I am sure they are trying to train it out of her but it is such a natural instinct that it will be difficult.  And a service dog that is distracted by prey (squirrles, cats, birds) is certainly a problem.

Stay tuned.

Friday, September 19, 2014

Succulent Gift

I have been on a succulent binge.  I got a bunch of containers at our Free is Good Fair and set about to planting.  This is one that I made for my boss for his birthday.

More to come.


This is Jim's cousin, Eric, from Alaska.  He once told me, "I think of moose everyday."  He meant he thinks of them everyday to determine the best way to hunt them.   I still refer to this quote as one of the strangest thing anyone has ever told me.   One from the standpoint of me being a vegetarian and having no concept of the love of hunting.  And two, there are so many other things to spend everyday thinking about!

Regardless, all that thinking must have worked because that is a 1200 lb moose!

Golden Girl Season Two

We are starting to gear up for season two of crabbing for the Golden Girl.  And my Uncle Dave kicked it off by sending us these hooks that he found at a flea market!  They are so cool - I want to do something super cool to display them!

I am also starting to work on new sweatshirts and t-shirts.  We are doing some changes to the artwork and will likely do black ink on grey shirts.    Sweatshirts will be zip up and we are considering long sleeve t-shirts.  Let me know if you are interested in ordering any.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Poker Anyone?

This is William in a bib that my mom got for him.  He looks like he is a dealer in Las Vegas....with a little sweet potato on his chin!