Thursday, January 22, 2015


Grown up nails - Take 2!

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Broken Down....Again

Packed like sardines
On Monday nite of the holiday weekend, we were on a boondoggle in Turlock on our way home from the cabin and the truck broke down.  We had noticed that there was a small leak in a hose and it was causing steam as the fluid leaked out.  But on our way home, the whole hose fitting broke and it was like a sauna!

We made the best of it while waiting for the tow truck - we had an In and Out picnic and Grace played the guitar.  Then we all loaded into Tina and Marty's rig (5 people and 3 dogs) and headed home.  We put all our gear in the towed Tahoe so we had enough room.

The truck is still in the shop but we should have it back tonite.  I really need a new rig but I HATE shopping for them  I much prefer breaking down and having to be that tells you how much I hate it.

We all keep needing the stuff that is in the truck - including:  my tennies, Marty's magazine, Tina's brie and Grace's boots.  The good news for Jim is the stuff needed to fix that boat trailer is in there so he is off the hook for awhile!

A little picnic


Entertainment while we wait

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Wheel hub

Here is the wheel hub from the boat - the one that caught on fire.  Jim brought it home to repair it.

Monday, January 19, 2015

Cabin Kitchen

Granite countertops
Rock back splash
We are moving forward on the kitchen remodel at the cabin.  Our original bid was about $10k but with Jim doing a bunch of the work and finding more cost effective materials, we are down to about $6k. 

The granite was the tricky part.  Because of the shape of the kitchen, we need a HUGE piece or we have too many seams.  The original pieces we were looking at were $25/sq foot but they were too small.  Imagine my delight when Jim found a huge piece that was $8.80/sq foot!

We found the rock back splash for $10.80/sq foot at Lowes.  The original source was $22/sq foot.  Score!

It looks like we will be scheduled in for late February to start the project.

Cherry - January 2015

 I sure missed Cherry while is was closed for over a year. 

After our trailer fire, we spent the day wandering around the lake: hiking, looking for the crapper, fishing, collecting lady bugs, hiking to the magic fishing hole, watching an eagle and finding salamanders.

It was a BEAUTIFUL warm day.  We were all in short sleeves and could have been in shorts.

My friend from work, Allison, and her family were with us (Dad-Ivan, sons- Matthew and Jacob).  They were so lucky to get such an outstanding day.  The only thing that would have made it better is if we caught some fish - but there was no bite.

I feel all right with the world now that I was able to get my boat onto Cherry and wander around breathing in the beauty and peace.

This is the log we normally float and play on.  Look how far it is from the water.

This is our campsite that we stayed in the last 4th of July we were able to camp there.  It has burned areas.

The is Grace hunting for the crapper - we did not find it.

I think the dogs might like at Cherry more than us!

Hunting for treasures - found lots of flashers

Heading up Cherry Creek - check out little Jacob smushed by the dogs.

Cherry Creek

Looking down the lake from the Boy Scouts spot.

Ahi dug a 3 foot long ditch and jumped in it when Murray was chasing her!  Brilliant!

Standing at the Magic Fishing Hole and looking towards the lake.

Heading back after a long day of fun.

11 years old and over doing it

Sunday, January 18, 2015

On Fire!

Standing around watching

White extinguisher chemicals

Today we took the boat out to Cherry for a classic boondoggle.  On the way there we realized that we had not locked out the trailer brakes which is needed for the steep canyons we were driving in.  So going down a steep hill they were smoking.  Once we got down to the bottom of the hill we pulled over to lock out the brakes.

As we stopped the truck, my friend who was following us yelled, "there's fire!  there's flames!"

All in one motion we bailed out of the truck.  Grace jumped in the back and grabbed bottles of water! Jim flew into the boat and grabbed a fire extinguisher!  By the time I got to the back of the boat, Grace was dousing the flames with water and Jim was leaping out of the boat and diving under it to shoot the flames with the extinguisher.

They got the fire out pretty quick and threw water on the tires to cool them off.  Then Jim regreased the bearings and we were off on our way again.

Boondoggle on!

Used extinguisher

Greasing the bearings

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Merry xmas to me

Amanda got me this awesome sweatshirt for xmas.  The front says, "Labrador Mom".  The back says, "Don't Judge my Labrador and I won't judge your kids."

I love it!


We find the weirdest things at the cabin.  We were looking in the kitchen cabinets today and found this.  I sent a picture of it to Tyler and he said he thinks it might be his but he can't be sure.

So - for sale, one slightly used bottle of Seagram's Sweet Tea.  Gross.

TNDC Fantasy Football Winner 2014

Mrs Screwtop was the BIG winner of the 2014 TNDC Fantasy Football League.  The Super Bowl consisted of Mrs Screwtop vs Mr Screwtop and it went down to the wire with the Ladies achieving a two year win record.  In case you don't remember, her are the official records:

2014 - Mrs Screwtop
2013 - Tina - which was also her first year playing
2012 - Mr C

Congrats to Mrs Screwtop!


We are at the cabin and last nite I got up in the middle of the nite to let Ahi out.  It was the second time she had to go out last nite and Jim did the first one so it was my turn.

Imagine my surprise when I opened the front door and Daisy was OUTSIDE!  WTH???

Apparently she went out when Jim got up and he thought she had come in.  He locked up and went back to bed without noticing.

She came trotting around the corner when I opened the door and was so happy to see me.  We figure she had been outside - ALONE - IN THE WILDERNESS - for about 3 hours!  She was cold and I bet it was scary.  Good thing she is a durable Labrador and not a wiener!

Friday, January 16, 2015

Brain Doc

Grace had the appt with the Brain specialist on Wednesday and it was not what we expected.

We both went in thinking we would walk in, he would concur with the trauma doc that she would need to be out of sports for 6 months and we would leave.

That is NOT what happened.

He did a full assessment, scared the crap out of both of us, told us next steps and we left.

The nutshell version is she has a mild to moderate brain injury and is at significant risk of a severe brain injury with another concussion.  He still sees evidence of the brain injury in her exam.  She needs to have a neuro psych exam to get more data on how her brain is operating.  She is under her care until he releases her and needs to take every precaution to avoid a blow to the head.  If she does have one it is an immediate trip to the ER regardless of how bad we think it was or how she feels.

There was a lot more detail that I won't provide her for fear of scaring the crap out of you too.

The good news is she is recovering and we are so lucky for the tremendous health care we are receiving.  This particular doctor is amazing!