Monday, April 14, 2014


My bro and my nephew!  They were playing in a charity event for the leukemia society where they  play a golf game with a soccer ball!

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Succulent Nursery

Here is my succulent nursery filled up with new cuttings!  Hope they all make it.


I feel so fortunate to be able to send the kids to the school we send them to.  There are such amazing opportunities and wonderful support.  Drew has had the same counselor for 4 years and Grace has had the same one for 2 years (and she also supported Drew when he was in Jr High School).  They are the nicest gals who work tirelessly for the kids and seem so genuinely pleased to be doing so.  Without a doubt, the kids would not be as successful without them.

I have been wanting to do something to recognize them but wanted it to be personal.  Today I came up with an idea.  I made them lemon bars and put them together with fancy tea bags.  And I wrote them the following note:

"Thank you for all the support this year!  
Take a well deserved break and have a lemon bar and a cup of tea!"

I hope they enjoy the little treat!

DONE Doggies

This is what the dogs look like after a long morning hike.  I am sitting out back and they are sound asleep sitting by me.

Poor Daisy is such an old girlie that a long hike like that really does her in.

Senior Ball 2014

Senior Ball was on a boat in the SF Bay.

The pictures are so beautiful that they look fake.  Love the ones with the city and bridge in the background.

Crazy Weekend

Will - one month old
I went into this weekend thinking it was not going to be too bad - a couple sporting events and the prom - easy peasy lemon squeezy!

Boy was I wrong.  This is what the weekend actually held:

  • Dinner Friday nite and the sushi place where Amanda works (in Gilroy)
  • 2 soccer games for Drew in Morgan Hill
  • 2 lacrosse games for Grace in San Jose
  • 1 soccer game for Grace in SF
  • Senior Prom
  • A visit to see Will
  • Tyler's 21st birthday party
  • A hike in Uvas Canyon
  • A visit with a friend who brought over her homemade tear drop trailer
  • Making lemon bars

Plus all the normal weekend stuff - laundry, groceries, make a couple meals and put in the fridge for the week, dog walks, etc.

And I wonder why I am so tired and my feet hurt!  And why we spend so much money on gas!

LAX - not much action in goal

Soccer in SF

Uvas hike

Will's bike

Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Doggy Day Care

The dogs went to Tina and Marty's during the day yesterday --- just like old time day care!  They sunned themselves on Tina's new outdoor rug while Murray panted inside on the cold tile!

Succulent time

It was time to spruce up the succulents.  So I did a little binge buy and did some replanting this weekend.

I am waiting for some cuttings from Cindy and have a cacti nursery ready.

Also on the to do list this weekend was to get a fire pit.  Love it!

Cacti nursery

Monday, April 07, 2014


I just got this from Drew's school counselor who has worked with him for 4 years:

"I don’t know if Drew told you, probably not, but the other day I had a ninth grader ask me who my favorite student to work with is, and it took about two seconds of thinking before Drew’s name came out. It has been my pleasure to work with both of you over the last four years. I am going to miss him. He is so easy going and always honest, and that makes my job so much easier."

WOW - that sure is validation that we raised a great kid!

Friday, April 04, 2014

A mother's love for her son....

The last few days have been very emotionally taxing and I was not expecting it.

The journey from kindergarten thru high school has been a long road - for me and for Drew.  My job was to support and push and advocate for him and I did the very best I could every minute of everyday.  His job was to learn and grow and mature.  And although I was always hard on him, he did his best and in the end did a tremendous job.

I liken this journey to running a marathon.  It has been a 13 year education marathon and we have crossed the finish line together.  Next up is the 5k called college. And that race will be his alone to run.  I will be there on the sidelines cheering for him but it won't be my 24 hour/7 day a week job anymore.

I have spent a lot of the the last 3 weeks reflecting on a mother's love for her son and that reflection was so timely given this last two days of college selection.

My reflection started with the birth of baby William and watching Mari's commitment to him.  I felt that it was so ironic that Mari was ushering her baby boy into this world and I was ushering mine out onto his own.

I think about the hopes that Mari has for William and reflect back to my hopes for Drew when he was a baby.  And I realize those hopes and dreams have and are materializing before my very eyes.  My baby boy has grown into the kind, happy, respectful young man I had so hoped he would be.

Senior Prom

In the middle of everything else we have going on, it's prom season.  Drew spent time in AZ planning out how he would ask Amanda to the prom.  In true TNDC spirit, we all pitched in to help out.  We sent Drew and Amanda out to get some ice cream and went to work:

Will you go to the Senior Prom with me?

Thursday, April 03, 2014

Marina - March 2014

These pics are from a couple weeks ago - I have been so busy I have not had a chance to post them.   They are doing a major renovation to the Marina up at the cabin and these pics show the progress.

Wednesday, April 02, 2014


A classic saguaro

What's a trip without at least one boondoggle?  Drew and I went to look at the saguaro cactus.

Saguaros have a relatively long life span. They may grow their first side arm anywhere from 75-100 years of age, but some never grow one at all. A saguaro without arms is called a spear.

University of Arizona

College tour #3 and the last one....this is it.  Drew is going to University of Arizona!

We did a campus tour and a dorm tour today and he really, really likes it.

He was particularly interested in the vast difference between AZ and CA.  He thinks it will be cool to come here and experience different things for 4 years.  I have to agree with that assessment.  I will enjoy visiting and checking out the dessert flora and fauna (I love succulents!).

Highlands District Dorms

Football Stadium

Main Quad

Look closely at the trucks in the background - it's the off roading club!  We saw it as a sign from God!

Our hotel - my first thought when I walked in...."bow chicka wow wow!"