Sunday, September 21, 2014


The guy in blue in mid-air is my nephew, Sam.  What a beast!

Saturday, September 20, 2014


I couldn't wait to plant in this birdcage!  Love the way it looks!  My girlfriend, Andee, is the proud owner of it.  She earned it for being my car rental agency when all my vehicles are broken down!  Thanks friend!

Happy 15th Birthday to Grace

We have been searching and searching for a surf board for Grace for her birthday.  We have checked surf shops in Pacifica and scoured craigslist with no success.  Yesterday I called a couple board shops in Santa Cruz and got a lead on one that sounded promising.

So today we went over the hill and started hitting all the board shops and a couple Goodwill shops.  Our 7th stop was the shop that had the board that I had heard about yesterday.  We walked it, asked about it and took a really close look.  It is a great board that needs a quick, easy repair and will be good to go.  The stuff to do the repair costs $5 and Jim and Grace will be able to do it with ease.

We got the board, a bag, a leash, 3 things of wax and a fin key for $489!  The other boards we have been looking at were $500 to $600 without all the extra stuff we got.  We are thrilled!

A guy walked into the store right after we started looking at the board and he sat around waiting for us to make a decision because if we didn't buy it, he was going to!  We got lucky we showed up when we did....we almost missed it!

Happy birthday Grace (next week)! 

Licorice Update

I got a report on how Licorice is doing in training.  Everything looks good except that her prey drive is noted as "high" just like her puppy trainer feared.

I am sure they are trying to train it out of her but it is such a natural instinct that it will be difficult.  And a service dog that is distracted by prey (squirrles, cats, birds) is certainly a problem.

Stay tuned.

Friday, September 19, 2014

Succulent Gift

I have been on a succulent binge.  I got a bunch of containers at our Free is Good Fair and set about to planting.  This is one that I made for my boss for his birthday.

More to come.


This is Jim's cousin, Eric, from Alaska.  He once told me, "I think of moose everyday."  He meant he thinks of them everyday to determine the best way to hunt them.   I still refer to this quote as one of the strangest thing anyone has ever told me.   One from the standpoint of me being a vegetarian and having no concept of the love of hunting.  And two, there are so many other things to spend everyday thinking about!

Regardless, all that thinking must have worked because that is a 1200 lb moose!

Golden Girl Season Two

We are starting to gear up for season two of crabbing for the Golden Girl.  And my Uncle Dave kicked it off by sending us these hooks that he found at a flea market!  They are so cool - I want to do something super cool to display them!

I am also starting to work on new sweatshirts and t-shirts.  We are doing some changes to the artwork and will likely do black ink on grey shirts.    Sweatshirts will be zip up and we are considering long sleeve t-shirts.  Let me know if you are interested in ordering any.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Poker Anyone?

This is William in a bib that my mom got for him.  He looks like he is a dealer in Las Vegas....with a little sweet potato on his chin!

Sunday, September 14, 2014


 Jim and Mr C went to a 49er game today.  Jim was so excited about it - he was like a little kid - ready to go at 8 am and the game didn't start until 5 pm!

Check out the creeper lady in the back!

Fantasy Football

I was asked to join a Fantasy Football league at work called "The League of Champions"!  Someone mistakenly thinks I know what I am doing....they are wrong. 

But since they offered this jersey and a cash prize to the winner I had to participate.

The other players totally intimidate me - they talk about stuff I have never heard about.  But I was thrilled when I won my game the first week.  I was not so lucky the second week.

I wore the jersey to work on Friday and everyone was really impressed.  And I have to say it made me feel a bit bad ass!

A gift

One of my coworkers loved my most recent "succulent casserole" and since she was the one who gave me the casserole dish I decided I needed to make her a pot for her desk.  She gave me a white ceramic bowl and I put this together.

Pacifica Boondoggle

Grace, me and my dad had a great boondoggle today in Pacifica!

We started the day surfing.  It was a beautiful blue sky day.  But the waves were small.  That didn't bother Grace.  She stayed out there for about an hour until the water was over come white jelly fish - they freaked her out!

Next up was a trip to a local surf shop.  We are shopping for a used board for her.  We didn't find any but she got a fin key that she has been needing to get.

Then we went to a local cafe and had some lunch.  Since we had never been there we did not know the size of the entrees and ordered way too much!  We ate until full and then headed to our next stop -- another surf shop.

No boards there either - darn.

After the last surf shop, we headed to G's soccer game.  The pic above is our view while watching the game - and YES - that is the ocean in the background.  Grace ended our boondoggle day by making 2 goals and her team won her game!

Overall it was a great day of father/daughter, mother/daughter and grandfather/granddaughter bonding!

Friday, September 12, 2014

Family Sayings - Bacon Bacon Parkway

I listened to a bit on the radio today about funny sayings you have in families or workplaces and it made me think of the funny sayings we have in our family.  Probably one of the most bizarre is the use of the phrase "bacon bacon parkway" to describe hot weather.

This is the way it came about:

We were in Kentucky visiting relatives in July when it is hotter than hell.  One of our relatives told us to drive on Blanken Baker Parkway - but with his Kentucky accent we kept thinking he was telling us to take Bacon Bacon Parkway.  And for some reason since it was so hot in Kentucky the term "bacon bacon parkway" came to stand for "it's hotter than hell outside".

This is a typical use:

I come home from work and while driving home I see the thermometer on my car to be 100 degrees.  I get home, walk thru the front door and declare, "dang, its bacon bacon parkway out there!"  Everyone agrees and we discuss how hot it was where everyone was that day.

Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Succulant Casserole

I used a casserole dish for some of my new succulents and loved the way it turned out!  This one is for my desk at work.

6 months!

Happy half- birthday to William!


Jim went and picked up the mini last nite at the shop at 10 pm.  I left for work at 6 am.  I got down the street and noticed the flat tire light was on.  I turned around and had Jim check the tires.  Since it had just gotten new tires and brakes and the tires looked fine, it was likely a sensor.  We decided I should head into work and he would call Paul and let him know.

I went about 7 miles and while in line in stop and go traffic on an on ramp, smoke started billowing out from the hood!!!!  I quickly pulled over to a spot right by the yellow crash bins filled with sand and leaped out of my car!  I seriously bailed out because if it was on fire the engine compartment is only about 3 inches from my knees!  The car is soooo small.

It turned out to be steam, not smoke.  I drove the car about 1/4 mile off the freeway so I was safe and called AAA.  This is a pic of it getting loaded for a ride to Paul!

The bad part of this story is the Tahoe is already at the shop getting the transmission we just had replaced checked out because it is still acting a little wonky.  So we have 3 out of our 4 vehicle NOT working!

I am really resisting getting a new rig but this is getting hard!