Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Ahi the contortionist

We spent some time today sitting outside around the fire pit.  Ahi got tired and wanted a place to lay down.  I was working so I had my computer off to the side which did not give her as much room as she would like.  This is the position she ended up in!


Yesterday at about 11 am while we were loading up to go to Half Moon Bay, there was a huge explosion on the side of the house.  We (my mom and dad, my Aunt and Uncle, Drew and me) all went running outside expecting a house to be on fire -   It was LOUD! 

We could see smoke drifting down the street as we looked around and whole bunch of neighbors came out of their houses.

There was no sign of fire or other catastrophe.

But when I looked down the streeet I saw 3 teenagers walking away from the area of the boom.

I told Drew to hop in the truck - we were going to talk to them.

We took off, pulled up next to them and Drew said, "hey guys, did you hear that explosion?"

They were immediately shifty eyed and gave us some very vague answers, like "oh yea, it was back that way" but pointing to a direction away from our house.

I then said, "so what was it, an M-80?" and they were all shifty eyed and nervous.

Then Drew pulls this whopper, "hey guys, we can just go pull the video from our camera and see that it was you, so just tell us."

And then I added, "So you have two choices, talk to us about it, or we give our video to the police and let them handle it.  We just want to know what it was."

At this point, one of the kids is talking to another one saying "just tell them it was us."

At which point Drew says, "I can hear you!"  (And I giggled)

So finally, they fess us and tell us that it was them and it was "a little firecracker".

So I respond and tell them that they scared the shit out of my old neighbors and to do stupid stuff like that somewhere else where there is not a bunch of people.

Then Drew added this zinger, "don't do stupid stuff and go to school, just GO TO SCHOOL!"

HAHAHA - look who turned into Mr Mature - telling kids to go to school!

And off the went.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Cherry Lake - November 2014

5 or 6 miles from Cherry
Today we were finally able to go to Cherry Lake after it has been closed for 15 months from the Rim Fire.  Grace, Marty, me and the dogs drove in and did a 6 mile hike to the area around the island.  We were able to see one of our camping spots!

There were spot fires around the lake but nothing like the devastation on the road into Cherry.  About 5 miles from Cherry is total devastation.

About 4 miles from Cherry they are burning piles of debris

Stopped to take pic along the road and Daisy thought she was getting out.

Daisy was at the ready to jump out if needed.

About 3 miles in, we stopped and checked it all out.

This is looking at the Island from close to one of our camping spots on the mainland.

The island with the land bridge.

From the boat ramp area

Shows how low the water is

Hot spot right by the lake

More Pics

Here are some more pics from Drew's major mechanical malfunction.

I just realized he is going back to school next week which means that truck will be broken down in my garage for months!

Saturday, November 22, 2014

In a Ditch

Drew came home from AZ last nite and today stayed in SJ while G, Marty and I went to the cabin and Jim was out on the boat.  He used the time to get re-acquainted with his love...his jeep.

Unfortunately they had a bad break up.

He was driving down the road and his wheel fell off and his tire rolled away!  He ended up in a ditch on the side of the road out by Chesbro Lake.

He called me pretty upset and I called Kyle who went out to lend moral support while Drew called a tow truck and had his heap, I mean, rig, taken back to the house.  The tow truck driver was the same guy who towed it back home from Debbie and Doug's when it broke down there.  They are really getting to know each other.

The truck is in the garage up on jacks ready for someone with a lot of time and money to fix it.  Anyone?

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Dog walking

I walk my dogs a least once a day.

I am a very responsible pet owner and always pick up poop.

That means I always have poop bags at the ready.

That means they are in all my pockets.

Earlier this week I got to work and had a poop bag in my back pants pocket.

Last Grace took a poop bag out of each pocket of her soccer jacket - which I will throw on for my morning walk if its cold out.  She was not amused!

There are a number of times I was lucky to have an extra bag stashed somewhere!  So I think its all good!

Note - these are "new" bags!

On the ocean

Waves that are higher than the boat
While waiting out the winds yesterday,  Jim came home long enough to do some laundry, go out to dinner, sleep in his own bed and stink up my garage and laundry room!  It smells like crab death again!

This morning I threw 2 of his stinky sweatshirts out the backdoor of the laundry room and into the backyard!  He can rescue them when he comes home - they smelled horrific.  Unfortunately he married a vegetarian with a nose like a bloodhound!

He is back out and at it this am in some big waves.  A friend on another boat got washed over board last nite and the Coast Guard was called and on alert but they got him and he is ok.

On the way out to the fishing grounds, their new deckhand, Zack, made biscuits and gravy.  Can you imagine:

A.  Being in waves like that?
B.  Cooking in a galley kitchen in waves like that?
C.  Eating that heavy food in waves like that?

I want to heave for so many different reasons!

Fingers crossed for a good haul today.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Gypsy Lady

This was my gypsy look today.  Lots of bangly bracelets!  I even stole G's Cherry Lake bracelet to add to the look.

Another Day at the Office

This is what Jim sees from his work location!  It is a 6 foot thresher shark.  They were in port over nite and got a good nite sleep.  They are monitoring the weather now and deciding whether to go out today.  The wind is up and they are hoping it will settle down.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

New Chairs

I just ordered two of these leather recliners for the family room.  They are going to be made in the cranberry color swatch that is hanging over the top of the chair.  Unfortunately since they are special order, they won't be here until February!  But I think they will be worth the wait.

Monday, November 17, 2014

First Weigh In

Finally got the crab unloaded.  The first haul was.....

6604 pounds!

Woot!  Now everyone get up and do a little happy dance!

First Haul

A boat full of live crab
Crabbing has not been without drama. 

They came in with 3/4 of a load on Sunday midday only to be told they could not offload because the "offloader people" did not have enough bins to offload.  So they hung around for awhile and determined it was unknown when they could unload.  So they did some calculations and determined they thought they could hold another couple thousand pounds in the hull of the boat so they went back out.

They filled up, came in last nite and were going to offload first thing this am...

Only to find out that there were no trucks to move the crab after they got unloaded so they were at a standstill again.

As of about 11 am this morning, they thought they might be able to off load in an hour or so. 
A full pot