Friday, June 24, 2016

Maternity Shoot

This is a maternity photo shoot from about 10 days before her due date.   She was still spunky and getting around well.  Now that we are 4 days from her due date, she is really slowing down.

Volunteer gig

Grace got herself a volunteer gig for Canine Companions!  She is stuffing little plastic bags with one dog biscuit and one card advertising their dog fest.  This one is for the dog fest in the east bay but there is also one in the south bay.

Rush Creek

We went up to the grand opening of Rush Creek today.   It looks like a cool spot to stay when visiting Yosemite.  We talked a worker into letting us see a room and they are really nice.  They are supposed to have a nice tavern and restaurant but they were not opened yet.  Although it was the "grand opening", they don't seem quite ready yet.  There was still a lot of work to be done.

Friday, June 17, 2016

Head Lamp

My coworkers gave me a new headlamp for my birthday.  I put this tea bag next to it to show scale. It is tiny....and light weight!  Can't wait to take it backpacking!

Are You My Mother

Maternity shoot - 2 and a half weeks before due date.


Let's hope G's brain doesn't look like the back of her leg.

Ski Camp Update

Ski camp ended a bit early (2 days) because G fell and hit her head resulting in another concussion! UGH!  I got a call telling me she had fallen doing a trick and hit her head (she was wearing a helmet). She was dizzy, had a headache, had light and noise sensitivity, had balance issues but was oriented.

I asked that she be taken to the ER and evaluated and headed to Tahoe to meet up with her.

On the way up, I talked the the person at the camp who did the first concussion assessment twice and then talked to the ER doc twice.  ER doc said that they would not normally do a brain scan for a 16 year old female presenting with her symptoms as it seemed like a normal concussion.  But due to her history and the fact that I was going to pick her up and be driving her home for 4 hours, I wanted the peace of mind that there was no bleeding or swelling in her brain.  The doc easily agreed.

Thankfully the scan was clear so she was released from the hospital.

I got to the facility at about 3:30, loaded her up and we headed home.  She was comfortable and chatty on the way home which was a great sign.

The concussion seems to be very mild.  The headache was gone by the time we got home, although there was still evidence of balance issues.

Based on our experience, the key to this is NO more concussions for at least a year and  half....or better yet...for the rest of her life!

Grace and her concussions may be the end of me....I got 100 new grey hairs yesterday....and muttered a number of choice cuss words when I got the call from the camp!

Monday, June 13, 2016

Ski Camp

Getting dropped off

Grace is at ski camp this week in Truckee.  They have an indoor gym where they learn and practice tricks and then they go out on the snow to try it out.

G and Allison's son Matthew in her bunk house

My friend Allison was going to Truckee for the weekend so she took G with her and checked her in for us.

This is the pic from Grace from her first morning at camp!


Lunch in a rainstorm while waiting for the storm to blow out

We had a Cherry Lake boondoggle of epic proportions this weekend!  After our hard work on fire abatement, we decided we could squeeze in an overnighter at Cherry and try to catch some fishing at the Magic Fishing Hole.

So we packed up and headed out....right into the eye of a storm.

Playing in the rain.

As we got to the lake, everyone was pulling out...and we were heading in!  It started raining about 10 miles from the lake and got heavier and heavier as we got closer.

Hops thought - "You people are NUTS!"

We decided to give it a try and hope it blew over.

We hit heavier rain as we headed out on the lake so we found cover and hunkered down waiting for it to lift.  We hung up tarps and had a picnic lunch of cheese, crackers, hummus, pretzels, carrots and cucumbers.  While we were eating and staying dry, the Labradors played in the rain.  Ahi was zipped into my coat because there was a lot of thunder and she is NOT a fan.

The rain lightened up after an hour or so and we took a run down to the end of the lake, where the rain picked up again.  We took the opportunity to park the boat right where the creek comes into the lake and fish for blue gill.  We slayed them - a fish every cast!

When the rain lighted up a little we hiked up to the Magic Fishing hole to see if after 3 years of fire and drought, it was back in business.  When Jim caught his first trout on his first cast, I did a victory fist in the air and a little celebratory leap!  (It was not a big leap because I was on the edge of a slippery, wet cliff over the rushing creek!)

I was concerned about wobbly Daisy slipping off the cliff so I hiked down to a spot right on the water to fish.  As soon as I got down there, Ahi jumped off a log right into a log jam in the water, not realizing it was the creek underneath!

She fell in and couldn't get out because the log was too high to climb onto.  So she is struggling and panicking.  And while I am freaking out and trying to reach her without falling in myself, Hops decides to jump in and save her!  So now we have both of them stuck on the back side of a huge floating log in a rushing snow melt creek in a rain storm.  My short stubby legs needed to bridge the gap to the floating log and haul them out.   I used my mama bear strength, got to the log and pulled Ahi out by the scruff of her neck.  I threw her up on the granite bank and went back for Hops, who was now whimpering (remember, she has a bunch of babies in her belly!).  I grabbed her by the scruff of her neck and pulled with all my might!  With me helping she was able to get leverage and get to the top of the floating log.

While all this was going down, Drew was running to help us and fell off a 6 foot cliff and landed on his hip!  What a disaster!  I had the biggest adrenaline rush.

Through all of this, old Daisy Mae stayed on the bank watching her two sisters get rescued and probably thinking, "dumb asses!"

After the drama, we caught 3 fish pretty quickly but had to abandon our spot when Jim saw a giant squall of rain head down the canyon towards us.

Hunkered down on the boat ride out!

We found another spot to hunker down and hung up tarps again.  After awhile when it failed to lighten up we decided to make a run for it back to the boat ramp and head back to the cabin.  So we all covered up with tarps and took off at high speed down the lake.....there was a lot of giggling as rain was hitting us in the face and I pretended to be a weather woman reporting in the eye of a hurricane!

Loading up to head home

Literally as we pulled away, the sun came out.  But - it was still pouring at the other end of the lake.  And when we got home, we learned of a weird stationary storm in the area that was causing heavy rain, hail and snow.

We made a good decision to come home.  We watched the end of the Sharks game and had tortilla soup.  All in all -- a boondoggle of epic proportions!

Fire Abatement 2016


Drew and Amanda

With the heavy rains this winter, we were left with lots of grass around the cabin.  That meant, this weekend was fire abatement weekend!  Me, Jim, Drew and Amanda came up armed with weed whackers, shovels, rakes and Drew's new truck.

After we finished our property, we moved over to Grandpa Roy's property.  His took awhile longer because he has 3 lots merged together.  Both properties looked much better when we were done.

In the middle of doing Grandpa's lot I suggested that Grandpa come with me to get some meat for dinner (he said he was buying!).  So we left the rest of them working and went to Kevin and Randi's where Roy bought us 3 HUGE porter house steaks.  We cooked them up for dinner with some J-town potatoes, Mexican sidewalk salad, coleslaw and baked means -- YUM!  Quite a feast after a long day of hard work.

After - note my new trees still surrounded by pine cones

Two hours worth of debris

I love this little place in the woods!

Friday, June 10, 2016


These are the candles we made at Glow.  G's is above and mine is below.

3 Weeks to Go...

Hops is getting bigger by the day!  With 3 weeks left, she is starting to slow down a little and sleep it weird places (behind the couch, next to a chair in a space that is too small).

Monday, June 06, 2016


I want to save this pic forever.  Pure innocence and beauty!


This goofball (Hops) kept walking behind the couch and then popping out the end - putting her head on the couch and staring at me!  I love that she is right next to the Labrador pillow!


The girls invited me to go with them to Glow to make candles.  It was a new experience for all of us and it was fun!

This is what I used to make my candle.  Stay tuned for the final product - we still need to pick them up.

Entourage and Deadliest Catch


Bean, Richard and Kenny came down this weekend for one of Cassie's gigs in Morgan Hill.  They brought Aunt Nancy and Uncle Don with them.  So we met them and Anna and Roy at the venue and had a wonderful time watching Cassie and her band perform.

Bean, Richard and Kenny stayed the nite with us and the next morning Jim and Drew were getting ready to go crabbing and invited Richard.  Richard was FIRED up!

Bean took everyone home and Richard headed to the boat with the boys.  They spent the next 24 hours hauling in the pots and taking them to Gilroy for storage.  Richard had the time of his life and reported it was just like Deadliest Catch but smaller!

They came home and cooked 175 crabs in the driveway and stuffed a bunch of them into a cooler for Richard.  Richard called an Uber, went to the airport and rented a car and drove home!

The video is a cool shot of them bringing up a pot.

The crab season is now officially over!

Wednesday, June 01, 2016

Moccasin Creek

Jim and I got up early one morning at the cabin and headed down to Moccasin Creek to fish before it got too warm and before the kids woke up.  They had just stocked the creek so we were really excited!

Until we got there and saw the rushing water - it was way to fast to catch any fish.  But as usual, it didn't bother me because I love just wandering around in nature.

As soon as we started our hike to the creek, I immediately spotted a big bobcat!  It was just walking thru the brush doing some morning hunting!

No luck!

We spotted this man made nest that we discovered with some research is a Osprey nest.

The creek splits in two close to the lake

Did a few "amens" when walking by this cool old historical shrine.  Amen!

Tuesday, May 31, 2016


                Just for fun!      

                           TALL                                 TAIL TO SNOUT

DAISY             25 inches                                      52 inches

HOPS               21 inches                                      45 inches

AHI                  12 inches                                      26 inches

Funny Story

Hops went to get onto the boat this weekend and misjudged the jump...she landed in the drink!  Drew and Amanda had her and were shocked when she went in, went all the way under water and slipped out of her collar.  Must be the pregnancy.