Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Fantasy Football

I won a contest at work for the best Fantasy Football League tradition (winners drinking out of giant mugs and losers drinking out of tiny mugs!) and won 4 tickets to the 49er's VIP training camp! 

The TNDC men who are the biggest football fans are going to the camp! 

Sorry Marty and didn't make the cut.  Marty is a non sports fan and Doug is a basketball fan!

Squirreling away snacks

Grace and Drew are helping Grandpa Roy remodel one of his duplexes. 

Grace is using her tool belt that Grandpa gave her for graduation. 

Last weekend, I went into her tool bag to get her hammer and it was FULL of snacks! 

Such a Grace thing to do....she had chips, tic tacs and nuts!  I was cracking up....such a squirrel!

Monday, July 21, 2014

Air Plant

My new air plant, also known as tillandsia.  No soil needed - just a good soaking once a week.  This one has a beautiful bloom on it.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Vertical Garden


I got motivated from my trip to Flora Grubb to do a vertical succulent garden.  I have been going to take a class to teach me how but then I decided I could do it with the help of my contractor (Jim) and my assistant (Grace).

Yesterday Grace and I went to Goodwill and picked up this frame for $7.  Then we got some of the material at Lowe's.  We were stumped on some of what we needed so Jim and I went to OSH last nite to get the rest of the supplies.

Today we made the frame using moss, dirt and chicken wire.  Then Grace and I went to OSH and bought a bunch of small succulents (see raw materials pic).  I thought we had tons and would have a bunch of leftover but we used it all!

It was really fun to do and I love the way it looks!

Step 1 - frame and chicken wire
Step 2 - Moss
Step 3 - Dirte

Ready to plant
Raw material
Finished product

Road Trip

Cool hanging pot that we could do using a garbage can lid
My friend Susan was in town this weekend from Seattle.  She is a plant fanatic so I went with her and two of her friends to Flora Grubb in San Francisco. 

It was really fun because I don't usually take the time to do those types of things.  It gave me a bunch of great ideas for our yard.  Unfortunately, I will only be able to act on a fraction of my ideas due to time and resource constraints!

But stay tuned to see what I have been able to do!

Kangaroo paws - I have been obsessed with these - and finally got some!

Succulents built into table

Here we go again....

About every 2 to 3 weeks this is what our garage looks like while Drew fixes something else on his truck!  This time it is brakes and axle seals on both sides.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Silliness at work

Bad Stache
I had a very silly afternoon at work. 

I was participating in a usability study on an app so I had to go to another building and sit with someone who asked me questions about why I use an app the way I do.

That got me out of my nice safe office where I sit with a bunch of stuffy attorneys.

On the way to the usability lab, I first  ran into the worlds worst mustache* (see above).....which made me giggle.

Then 100 feet down the way, I ran into the worlds worst sideburns* (see above).  More giggling!

Then I go into the usability study and the guy conducting it had a very heavy accent.  He told me we would be doing a "tink a loot" study. 

I am usually pretty good with accents but I could not decipher this statement. 

So I said, "excuse me"? 

And he said " tink a loot". 

We went back and forth a couple times before i figured out he was saying "think out loud"! 

This time I had to giggle in my head - not out loud!

I was so spent from all the giggling that I had to stop and get a smoothie on the way back to my office!

* Note that these are not actual pictures of the people I saw but I went online and found the closest pics possible.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

87 days

I just rode the shuttle bus into work for the 87th time since I started riding it.  Yep - I am a dork and keep track of such things.  I also track how many days are work from home, drive in days and sick days!

I figure each day on the bus saves me at least $5 in gas and wear and tear.  So 87 times $5 equals $435 in savings to me for taking the bus!  That is a lot of money!

But more importantly I am not a crazy woman from the commute traffic!

Monday, July 14, 2014

New Carpet

We got new carpet for the family room.  It is darker than before and I really, really like it.  I hope we go at least a week until there is a spill or a barf on it!

Baby Blue Bus

We have a back up bus this week at work - it is powder/baby blue and UGLY.

But the biggest problem is that it has no seat belts!

This morning when I got on it, I was in a tizzy!

Remember that this is the bus route that was within a mile of being involved in a terrible accident with a semi filled with sand that lost its brakes and took out 10 cars.

I immediately (from the bus) emailed the gal in charge of the Shuttle Program and told her I would be shocked if our contract did not require buses with seat belts.  Sure enough, she responded right away and said that the contract does require seat belts and they would look for another bus for this afternoon's trip home.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Safe at work

This morning on the way to the bus stop to catch the shuttle to work, I heard about an accident on Highway 17 (which is where my bus comes from) and I was thinking that my bus had probably just made it past that area if it was on time.

I was wrong. 

While waiting for the bus at the pick up stop, I got a call from the guy I gave first aid to, who was on the bus.  He reported they were stuck behind the accident and they had not moved for 16 minutes.  Darn - they had almost made it thru.

So I let the rest of the waiting crowd know the situation know and we all scattered - jumping each others cars for the ride into the office.

It is a good thing we did not wait.  The bus was stuck for 2 hours before it could turn around and go south to Watsonville, over the hill and up 101 thru Gilroy.  It took the people coming from Santa Cruz 4 hours to get to work this morning.

The accident they got stuck behind was horrific.  A big rig pulling containers of sand lost its brakes and slammed into a line of cars.  There was one fatality and 8 injuries.  The scene shows cars so mangled that you cannot tell the make or model.  I am so thankful our shuttle bus was not 30 seconds faster or they could have been involved.