Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Daisy Mae

Daisy Mae has been really sick with an intestinal issue and today I thought it was the end.  I had her at the vet in the morning and she stayed about an hour while they took blood, did an xray, gave her subq fluids and gave her some meds.  For about 6 hours after she came home from the vet, I thought she was dying.  She was shivering, panting and could barely stand up.

Finally around 5 pm, she turned the corner a little and took a couple pieces of chicken with some medicine in them.  Then she wanted to lay in the front window.  Then the shaking decreased.  Then she got down off the window when I fed the other dogs to see what was happening.  She tried to eat a little but I don't think much more than a teaspoon when in her mouth.  Then....she went over to Jim sitting on the couch and begged for pizza!  I quick made her some boiled turkey and rice and she ate a little!  But then the shaking started again....

I sure am hoping tomorrow is better!  I love that sweet old girlie so much.

She was laying in the bushes when she was not feeling well

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Mother's Day for Dogs

Hops in the green handkerchief

On the Sunday after Mother's Day, my friend Ann and her puppy raiser friends, Sue and Michelle, hosted a Mother's Day party for moms of dogs.  It was so FUN!

Getting treats after sitting for a pic

There were 14 dogs - all of them were CCI dogs except for Hops and 13 week old chocolate lab, Lucy.  Hops was such a good dog and held her own against the highly trained dogs with her good behavior.

We did an art project where we painted the dogs paws and put paw prints on mason jars!  The pic above is working dog Ohana doing her paws!


Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Red River Gorge

On our last day in Kentucky we went hiking at the Red River Gorge in the Daniel Boone National Forest.   I was giddy about being in a National Forest in another state.

Shelltowee Trail Marker

We ran into the Shelltowee Trail which is a 319 mile backpacking/hiking trail thru Kentucky and Tennessee. Shelltowee is the name that the Cherokee Chief gave Daniel Boone.  It means Big Turtle. Maybe some day I can backpack part of it.

Red River

The gorge has all these natural bridges that you can walk around, over and through.  We hiked about 5 miles total down about 5 different trails.

This was a homestead from the mid 1800's.  

These instruments are dulcimers.  Grace quickly learned to play Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.

Mother's Day in Kentucky

"consort of" means husband survived the wife

We had a wonderful Mother's Day in Kentucky.  Grace and I took a walk in the morning to take pictures and wandered into an old cemetery - which I love to do.  There were people who were in the Revolutionary War buried there - which you don't see in California.  I loved the history!

Then we went home and Pat taught us how to make Derby Pie.  I had remembered eating it a long, long time ago and remembered it was yummy but I didn't even know what was in it!  Turns out it is pecans, chocolate and bourbon!  AND DELISH!

Next up was dinner with the whole family.  Jen and Jess headed over with baby Amaya - our second time seeing our sweet new family member.  And Matt had come earlier in the day so we got to play a few rousing games of Wizard and Nibs!

The highlight of the day was a tie between:

  • The Derby Pie
  • Seeing Baby Amaya
  • This ridiculous sign!

Day 4

On the 4th day in Kentucky we went to a local park and checked out this silo and the view from it.  

Then we headed out to the "farm" of Pat and Dave's friends.  They have a private pond that we fished and then we sat on the deck and watched a thunder and lightening storm!

Jim caught this giant catfish.  It must have weighed about 15 pounds.  He put it back in the pond to be caught again.

Grace and I were mainly catching blue gill which practically jumped out of the water and onto your hook!

We also met some nice animals at the farm:  Honky and Pearl the donkeys, 3 goats named after Bill Clinton's mistresses and a whole bunch of chickens!

All in all, I wonderful day!

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Day 3

The very famous Karem's bait shop

On our third day in Kentucky we had a quiet day sticking around the house, taking a couple walks and hanging out at a new brewery, 3rd Turn Brewery.

We loved the brewery!  It was built in an old church so it had a super cool feel to it.  There was a food truck outside so we got some snacks while drinking beer and playing cards!

We spent a good part of the day hanging out on Pat and Dave's patio.

Playing Wizard

Sydney enjoyed our time outside!

My Uncle's yard is so lush!

Found on our walk....


On the second day in Kentucky we went to the races at Churchill Downs.  They call the event on Thursday "Thurby".  It is exactly like the Derby but just held another day.

The best part was the hats and the guy in a pac man suit!  I definitely had "hat envy".

We stayed the day on Millionaires Row.  This is how the day goes:

Anaylize the horses for a race
Bet on a horse
Watch the horse race
Be sad that you lost
Go inside
Drink a drink
Repeat 11 times!

We didn't win much but the amount we lost was well worth a day of entertainment!

My Uncle Dave sponsored the first race which allowed us to watch from the track level and take a picture with the winner!

This is the data used to place a bet.  We also would watch the horses for the next race walk in so we can see who was all antsy.  

Matt and Kristie

Uncle Dave managed the whole event for the day which included a give away for all the "loser bets".  We all enjoyed giving out the gifts to the winners.
Uncle Dave and Matt

Auntie Patty, Dave and Matt

Catch a ride back to your car in a 4 wheel golf cart