Thursday, May 21, 2015

Object in Mirror is a DOPE

This is one of Hops' bestie beastie friends, Stella.  She is a total goofball.  Stella's mom captured this pic of Stella enjoying the fresh air out the window!  True to form, she looks like a dork!

Cognitive and Physical Rest Protocol

Grace has been home from school recently because the headaches from her concussion have worsened and she has been ordered to go back to the post concussion protocol of rest.  Apparently, Hops has decided she needs to participate.  These are pics of her during the day.  Seriously - laziest puppy ever!

Backyard update

Our grass in the backyard slowly died over time because it barely gets any sun.  So with the drought we let it totally die and were left with a patch of dirt.  It was making me crazy to look out there and see such a mess.

So we decided to put hard scape into the area that gets the least sun and do a tiny patch of grass for the dogs to lay on (mostly it's Daisy who likes to lay in the grass).

So here is the design:

  • The crushed rock on the left side is a walkway that leads to a patio where we will have a fire pit.  The patio and walkway will be flagstone.

  • The dirt area on the right will be a small patch of grass.

Stay tuned for more pics.

The workers - Drew and Luke

Tuesday, May 19, 2015



Mari sent me this hilarious video of yoga with a toddler.  I have to say that my yoga is MUCH for relaxing than this!

Watch Dogs

These three goofballs make me so happy.  I love that they are each in their spot in the window watching the world go by.  Hops just started getting up there and thankfully she is giving Daisy some space or we could have an incident where the old lady falls off the window seat and breaks a hip!

They are three lucky dogs!

Indoor camping/car repair

Mari sent these pics of William playing in a tent that used to be Drew and Gracie's!  Looks like he is using as a garage or car repair shop!

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Free Water

Got our 2nd cube of free water yesterday.  Took 4 minutes and 11 seconds to fill up 275 gallons. 

And in process improvement news....

Jim has spliced into the pipe from our bathtub and re-routed it to fill the water cube.  So now any water poured into the bathtub with be reclaimed and used to water the yard!  At a minimum, it is 20 gallons a day of shower water.

A Boy and his Pup

Drew is home from school from the summer and enjoying our new pup and our new rig.  In fact, I don't expect I will be seeing much of the three of them this whole summer.  He is going to be out driving around with Hops in the back seat as much as possible.


14 months old

I haven't posted a pic of this dumpling in awhile.  This is him living dangerously -- sitting on the edge of the world with what looks like a bottle brush in his hand!  WILD man!

Hops spent a whole day with William this week.  They played at home, walked to the park and napped together.  It was a good dog day and a good little boy day!

Excuse me

Excuse me, am I in your way?  Hops is at it again not knowing anything about personal space and riding like a jerk in the truck!  Poor Daisy - she is a saint!

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Free water update

We used up our first cube of free water - 275 gallons.  Jim built a system to get it to the front yard and basically watered the snot out of the front yard over the weekend!


I can now walk all three of my dogs at the same time without incident.  Hops is trained well enough to heel and the other two know the routine.  This is a big improvement to not have to rely on someone else to take a walk.


I am so connected in this valley....I had two people who don't even work at my company text me this morning to tell me that my bus was broken down on the side of the freeway!

Luckily I was not on it.  I had carpooled this morning.  But I had received the text saying it was going to be late and that  a "rescue bus" was being sent!  It sounded so dramatic!

I just wish someone had sent me a pic.

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Uncle B's 50th

We had a surprise 50th birthday for my brother yesterday!  It was not quite the surprise that we wanted because my dad brought him 30 minutes earlier than he was supposed to!  Ooops!  But it was ok because it was a surprise every time someone new arrived!

t was so fun to see people who I had not seen in almost 16 years!   The party was at Bocce Ball courts at my folks community.  It was a beautiful afternoon!


BBQ Masters

Bad Ass Rig

I got my rig pimped out.  We lifted it - 4 inches, got new tires and rims and a new side steps.  Up next is tinting the front windows.

Funny story:  Jim took it to the grocery store right after we got it.  He went into the store and came out to see two guys standing there looking at it.  He walked up and they said "is this yours"?  And he said "no" and then got into it!  They said, "wait, I thought this wasn't yours"!  And he replied, it's not, it's my wife's!"  That got a lot of oohs and ahs!  They were all impressed about how clean it looked and how it didn't look overly jacked up.  And what really cracked me up was that they liked that the "bowties" were blacked out!  That is my favorite part too and it seems so girlie to me that they liked it.

I can't wait to get to the mountains with it!

Blacked out bow tie

Side steps

Aggressive tires and beefy rims

Happy Mother's Day to Me!

I told Grace I only wanted one thing for Mother's Day....for her to make me this video:


It makes me so happy!

Wednesday, May 06, 2015

Nap time

It's the middle of the day and Hops is in her bad with her bear having a little nap!

Free Water

At the filling station
 Yet another adventure....

There is a city in the Bay Area that is giving away free non-potable water.  All you have to do is bring your own containers.  So Jim went and got two 275 gallon cubes to hold water, took the class and filled them up with free water.

He actually only filled up one of them and then put the empty one on the side of the house to transfer the water into.  That one will stay there and we will pump the water from there to use it.  The second one will only be used for the pick up and transfer and then will be stored empty.

We will use that water to water the whole back yard so that we don't need to use any city water and CONSERVE!

We are totally fired up about this adventure!
Filling up at the filling station

Cube in the back of the truck

Cube on side of house

Tuesday, May 05, 2015

Puppy Reunion

Almost the whole group - there were 14 pups

Surf Betty was Hop's mama

Bandana's color coordinated based on the pups mama

One of the youngest pups - 4 month old Hobs
This weekend we went to a puppy reunion for the breeder of Hops in Linden CA at a cattle ranch.

They had pups from from 6 different litters born for the last year.  They all had the same Dad, Max - but had different moms.  Each litter had a different color bandana so you could tell who were siblings.  Hops only had one sibling there, Budster, her one brother.

When we showed up, the dogs played in a cow pasture for an hour.  They were having a ball - chasing each other, fetching and playing in a horse trough. There was also a fair amount of cow pie eating and at least one dog ate a dried crusty alligator lizard.

After the play session, all the dogs got hosed off (see pic of horse trough) and went into their kennels while we ate a BBQ lunch prepared by the breeder.  After lunch we all told funny stories about our pups, including the host's story of her "Naughty Audi" shredding a full size down sleeping bag!  All she could see were eyes, a tongue and feathers.

Then the host gave a beautiful doggie gift basket to the person who came the farthest (Pup Georgia and her mom who came from Moorpark in So Cal).

Next, we got all our pups on leash and did a group pic.

It was a delightful way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

Hops and her brother, Budster

Hops and her brother

They all stayed in their crates while we ate lunch

Horse trough fun

Hops in the middle in blue

That is Hops' hiney facing the camera